How to Run a Successful WooCommerce Site

If you have been thinking about launching your own online store, one of the best choices to get started is WooCommerce. Paired with WordPress, the WooCommerce plugin is a flexible system that offers a number of tools that will allow you to sell your services and products the way you want to.

WooCommerce and WordPress

Perhaps the best part is that WooCommerce is completely free to download and start using.

The question is how do you go from building a startup online storefront into running a business that is successful? The most important thing to focus on is the experience of the user, so that shopping on your website is fast and easy. Here are some tips for making your online store a success.

1. Photos

It is important to use good photos of your products. This is what potential customers will browse through before deciding to make a purchase. Either take quality photos of your products or find good pictures through other sources. Be sure to give your photos a title and an alt tag. This will help with your SEO, and will help to attract more customers to your site.

2. Content

One of the biggest mistakes that online retailers make is that they do not focus on the content of the page. Having good pictures is simply not enough. It is important to make sure that the content on your website uses a consistent voice in order to tell the story of your brand. Your about us page, blog, and help pages should all consistently tell your story. And don’t forget your legal pages.

Product descriptions should be vivid and explain what the product does and why the consumer would benefit from it.

3. Newsletters

Reaching out to your consumers regularly using a newsletter will help keep them informed about the products that you offer, as well as what your company is currently doing. Email marketing is necessary if you want your business to be a success.

Website Newsletter

4. Keep it Simple

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when creating your website using WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin is that you need to keep it simple. It is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the different themes and templates that are available.

Make sure that your website always remains user-friendly, with easy-to-follow navigation, and loads fast. Many templates can bog down the site and make it slow, which can result in potential customers going to a competitor’s website. In most cases, simple is better – as users want to be able to quickly find and purchase the products that they are looking for.

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